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 The rose Necklace

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PostSubject: The rose Necklace   Mon Apr 20, 2009 6:00 pm


The one thing I remember about growing up is the fact that anyone I got close enough to touch their skin was instantly calm and no pain was with them. My twin brother was the complete opposite, still is. When anyone touches his skin, they grow angry and hurt all over. The only people's skin we could touch without anything happening was eachother's. Our mother always said that we were weird, but to what extent? Our abilities just seem to keep popping up.
At age two, we discovered that anyone that tried to hit us couldn't touch us. It was like we were invisible. Their hands just past through us as if we were ghosts. at six, we could walk through walls as if they were nothing but air. at thirteen, we could speak to eachother telepathically. Then, on our sixteenth birthday, we could see through other people's eyes from the past or the present.
Our father died a few weeks after we were born, because of holding my brother for about ten minutes while out mother was getting a bath ready. the police said it was a heart attack, but we always knew.
My familt and I have lived in the sparsely settled woods of Montana. That is, until Mother moved my brother Damien, and me to the even more sparsely settled North Dakota. We've been here since we were twelve, five years ago. Mom thought we would be safe. But we're not. We never are. There's always the same people after us, everywhere we go.
The shadow walkers are a group of criminals who believe that the world would be perfect if they ran it. They've been trying to get us since we were five. At first we didn't know what to think. We told Mom and that was when she taught us to fight. Then she explained to us that she used to work for them, until she had us. She wouldn't let them get in the way of her being a mother. Well, that was true till she got shot through the head protecting us. funny how life works, huh?
Now, a week after we turned seventeen, we live with our Aunt Josephine and our Uncle Robert. They live in North Dakota, so we didn't have to go anywhere. They came to us. They have powers like ours, but their's have been taken away by a perscription. They are our mentors, and they teach us what to do with our powers.

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The rose Necklace
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