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 Disorderly Beat

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PostSubject: Disorderly Beat   Tue May 12, 2009 6:52 pm

On a small planet
Where minute follows hour,
Day follows year
Where tradition marches on ,
With a deafening, orderly beat
Sometimes the order is disturbed.
By a dreamer, an artist, a writer.
And sometimes,
That beat is changed;
One person at a time.

xXR I T S U K A -Of- L O V E L E S SXx

heart 私の破損が私の詐欺を洗い流すことができればまさに世界はきれいである後悔が私の権利に私の悪事をすることができたら世界の正確さは見られてもよい。
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Disorderly Beat
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